dreemkacher is a mobile business app designed to help creatives and businesses showcase their work and contact information digitally and easily with the use of a smartphone.


      Simply input your information with your creative content and we will create an iKach card for you. It's a digital interactive business card!


      You can share your iKach card by sending it in a text, email, printing it on merchandise, plugging it on your social media platforms or by using a QR reader.


      The iKach card saves you hundreds of dollars on business cards and can be edited as much as you'd like or need to.

    • Don't need an iKach card just yet?

      Well, you can search our database and/or create a profile for free to share with the dreemkacher community.

      dreemkacher helps users explore talent and showcase their skills.


      Explore users by checking out profiles in our database.


      Leave the dreemkacher community with something to know you by. Make the most out of our free branding platform!

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